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LISTEN ON SPOTIFY HERE Cooper inspires humans to improve their well-being by finding their purpose through connecting with their values, fuelled by happiness and kindness. Travelling the world as a professional surfer for the last ten years has offered him countless opportunities, including representing Australia on multiple occasions and being rated in the top 100 surfers on the planet over the previous seven years. From his experience of trying to achieve balance regarding his mental health, he realised that this was the same for many others. So with the alarming rise in suicide rates, especially among youth, he decided he wanted to make a difference. He watched his sister lose two friends to suicide in a fortnight while in year 12 at high school, and from that moment, Cooper’s mental health organisation, The Good Human Factory, was born. Using his platform and relatability, he aims to provide his audience with the tools to continually grow and improve their quality of life through the power of reflection, sharing stories, and connecting with and learning from others. In addition, he looks to inspire a positive and balanced life focusing on gratitude, mindfulness, responsibility, kindness and empathy. Cooper also hosts his podcast, “Good Humans”, where he speaks to high-profile people about their stories of resilience, with over 100k listeners over the past year. Cooper is an epic snowboarder, freak surfer, rad brother to Chloe & Sophia and awesome friend; I hope you enjoy my talk with Cooper Chapman. This podcast is supported by: XTM, BURTON, JOHNSTON ADVISORY, RENY STUDIO, DALTON STRATA, GLOBE, ELECTRIC EYEWEAR