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About Us

We break down barriers to provide support & inspiration for every Australian to participate & grow through Sport & Life.


Some background on Chumpy

Chumpy was a captivating figure in Australian sports, with his passion for family and adventure shining through in every aspect of his life.

Chumpy’s incredible ability to inspire others through his snowboarding was undeniable, and this influence extended to his love for surfing, free-diving, music, and motorbike riding. He lived with an abundance of love and embraced life wholeheartedly.

A trailblazer in the commercialization of snowboardcross (SBX) opportunities for himself and fellow athletes, Chumpy was admired and respected by all. His kindness, caring nature, and support for emerging athletes were matched by the esteem and admiration his competitive peers held for his talent and determination.

By honoring Chumpy’s legacy through a foundation that upholds his interests and values, we have the chance to create a meaningful impact on people’s lives. This foundation will provide support and resources for both the next generation and current athletes, as well as the broader surfing, snow, and music communities that Chumpy influenced.


More about the foundation

Our foundation fosters growth and development in sports and life for Australians of all ages. We aim to break down barriers, providing support and inspiration to empower every Australian to participate, learn, and thrive through sports and everyday life experiences.

Our Five Pillars:

  1. Youth Development (Ongoing): We are committed to nurturing the growth and development of young Australians, providing them with opportunities and resources to excel in sports and life, and building a solid foundation for their future.
  2. Support for Marginalised Communities (Commenced Jan 2021): We focus on offering assistance to marginalized communities, working to create an inclusive environment where everyone has equal opportunities to participate and grow through sports and personal development.
  3. Mental Health (Ongoing): In collaboration with established Australian mental health organizations, we advocate for and support mental well-being for individuals of all ages, offering resources and assistance to help nurture emotional health and resilience.
  4. Natural Environment (Plan Oct 2023): We recognize the importance of preserving our natural environment and work towards raising awareness and implementing solutions that minimize the negative impact of human activities, ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.
  5. Education & Knowledge (Early 2024): We believe education and knowledge are essential in empowering individuals to reach their full potential. Our foundation is committed to creating opportunities and providing resources to enhance learning and personal growth in sports and life.

Together, these five pillars guide our foundation’s mission to inspire and support Australians as they pursue their passions in sports and life with a vision of growth, inclusivity, and empowerment for all.





How & Who, Does the Chumpy Pullin Foundation Help?

Mental Health





Together, we can make a difference for youth, marginalised communities, indigenous and women in sport.

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