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About Us

We break down barriers to provide opportunity & inspiration for every young Australian to participate & grow through snowsports.


Some background on Chumpy

Chumpy was a charismatic icon of Australian sport, his love of family and adventure resonated through his actions and approach to everyday life.

Chumpys power to influence and inspire people though his snowboarding cannot be understated, and this influence was equally reinforced with his love of surfing, free-diving, music & riding his motor bike. He lived to love and loved to live.

Pioneering in his approach to commercialising snow boardercross (SBX) opportunities for himself and other athletes, he was a well-liked and respected person, he was kind, caring and supportive to emerging athletes and equally respected and revered by his competitive peers for his talent and determination.

Honouring Chumpys legacy through a foundation that supports his interests and values has the opportunity to have a meaningful impact on people lives by providing support and foundations for the both the next generation, and current, athletes as well as the broader surf, snow, music communities he impacted.


More about the foundation

The aim of the foundation will be to provide financial assistance and development opportunities for emerging snowboard athletes in Australia. The foundation will focus on the progression of Australian snowboarding and assist in developing world class athletes by providing opportunities for training, racing and facilities.
Chumpy had a profound impact on the sport of SBX in particular, he built a legacy and pioneered a pathway for athletes in Australia. The foundation wishes to continue this legacy and most importantly build on it to continue the progression of both SBX and Park & Pipe snowboarding in Australia.
Chumpy had some clear visions for the sport of snowboarding and the foundation wants to continue to build and execute these visions.





How & Who, Does the Chumpy Pullin Foundation Help?

Mental Health

We advocate and support young Australian in the mental health space in collaboration and partnership with recognised Australian Mental Health Organisations.


We create opportunities through funding, education and ongoing support in collaboration with Snow Australia, NSWIS, OWIA, Turn & Burn on Youth Development in Snowsports.


When we step foot on snow, we leave an impact. We work with leading government bodies and charities on creating awareness and solutions, reducing the impact of the Snowbsports industry and creating awareness for future generations.


We work to creaste opportunities, awareness, knowledge and education to young athletes who may not have the chances as freely as others to progress and afford to compete in sports. We are working to close that gap.

Together, we can make a difference for youth, marginalised communities, indigenous and women in sport.

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